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Natural Resource Link Pty Ltd

17 Armstrong Street South, Ballarat Central,
Victoria, 3350, Australia

0406 459 522

Rural and urban town planning is complex. Much of my work is helping people fix mistakes made because they did not consult a qualified town planner. Others come to me because they do not want the planning process to take over their lives. 
My 15 years’ experience and qualifications in planning, Directorship of Natural Resource Link Pty Ltd and my extensive expertise can make the difference in your application being accepted or rejected. This includes specialisation in 
• Rural/peri-urban planning 
• Planning for dwelling and sheds on rural sites
• Planning for properties adjacent to rivers and waterways
• Land Management 
• Farm Management
• Bushfire Management
• Involving specific reports on 
• Preliminary Studies on proposal viability including Rescode analysis and BAL levels
• Subdivisions under a Bushfire Management Overlay and involving native vegetations restrictions
• Bushfire risk-BAL, BMO Reports and Risk Management 
Rural Planning 
• Farm management plans for dwellings
• Integrated Land Management Plans and reports
• Sustainable farm management plans to benefit production, improve your soil and habitat. 
Native Vegetation
• Native vegetation-removal and offsets and covenants
• Risk management including minimising removal and managing costs
• Vegetation Protection Overlays
Land Management 
• Salinity and Erosion-land management reports and investigation
• Land Management- riparian, covenant, section 173 agreements
• Koala Reports for ESO5 Koala Overlay.
• Wastewater restrictions
• Land Subject to Inundation 
• Salinity Management Overlay
• Erosion Management Overlay