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Munash Natural Fertilisers

560 Ballarat-Daylesford Road, Ballarat,
Victoria, 3352, Australia

03 5334 5386

100% NATURAL, 100% ORGANIC & 100% SAFE

We are a wellness company specialising in manufacturing Certified Organic natural mineral fertilisers for the smallest of gardens to the biggest of farms.  

Our team is full of passion and we make gardening easy for you. Our products are so simple to use, even the kids can literally do it by themselves.  We are lucky to call Costa Georgiadis and Indira Naidoo friends of Munash and ambassadors of our products.  

Currently we are helping out with research at the Great Barrier Reef and soon to be assiting research at the Antartic on remineraliation.  Safe to say, our day is never dull and always full of fun.

If you are looking for the easiest way to grow something that is 100% organic, then please visist our website on where you can purchase our products.  

Located in Ballarat, the heart of Regional Victoria.

“Putting the goodness back. Love your soil and it will love you back”