Mentoring Program


What is it?

An exciting learning opportunity for Ballarat business, suitable for new enterprises or those that require assistance to grow or develop. Ten businesses will be given the valuable opportunity to grow and develop their business with individual mentoring and group participation.

How does it work?

Mentees will be matched with experienced local business people for one on one monthly sessions. Participants will also be required to commit two full day and one half day throughout the year. 

What does it cost?

NOTHING!* For Commerce Ballarat Members the program is free of charge. *If you are not a member of Commerce Ballarat you are welcome to join and apply at the same time. Annual membership costs 1—4 FTE employees $175.00, 5—20 $370.00 and 20+ $785.00

Added Bonus!!

Participants will receive one FREE ticket to Business Day Out 2019 (Wed 29 May), regional Victoria’s most exciting business conference.

What do I need to do to apply?

The 2018 program has now closed, the 2019 program will open again in December. 


Comments from 2017 mentee and mentor - 

"As a young small business owner, I was looking for an opportunity to continue to learn and improve my skills, and the Commerce Ballarat Mentoring Program has been perfect for me. My mentor is extremely experienced and has guided me on a variety of topics. One of the most reassuring things for me has been to realise that most business owners experience a lot of the same challenges. Having a point of view that is external to the business has been really valuable during our period of growth. I am grateful to Commerce Ballarat for running this program, and to my mentor Kay Jackson for regularly giving up her time and offering such thoughtful guidance." Megan Fraumano - Eureka Osteo


"Being involved as Mentor with the Commerce Ballarat Mentoring Program has been an extremely rewarding experience and I wish this same program had have been available when I started my business 2005.  Working with, assisting, helping to guide others who are quite often facing very similar challenges in running their own businesses is a hugely worthwhile experience for both the mentor and mentee.  I have often found that my mentees are relieved to learn that their challenges are often similar to many other business owners and for them this can be a very powerful realisation.  I find it very engaging to have complex conversations with them regarding important business decisions and offering them my years of experience to provide a different way of looking at their challenges.  Quite often, when you are so engaged with your own business, you forget to look outside the box.  Each year I have learnt so much from my mentees and I feel that this program is an incredibly worthwhile opportunity for business owners of all levels and sectors to work together."  Kay Jackson - Simplex Insurance Solutions