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Lacey & Co. The Integrity Group

Ballarat, -,
Victoria, 3350, Australia


Lacey & Co assists workplaces and teams to get fundamental structures and systems right, so that employees feel absolutely safe, and we delight in the productivity and excellence that flows from that.

And if things go wrong, our talented, experienced team is here to help you find solutions that meet your obligations in sustainable, effective ways.

The services we provide include:

Legal Advice and Strategy We provide solution focused, practical legal advice on workplace law, including discrimination, sexual harassment and bullying.

Investigations, Inquiries and Audits We are internationally renowned for our professional, timely and thorough investigations into allegations regarding a wide range of inappropriate conduct.

Learning and Development Lacey & Co provides learning and development opportunities on a face-to-face basis and on a broad range of topics.

Mediations and Negotiations Lacey & Co provides informal negotiations, mediations, conciliations and alternative dispute resolution processes to resolve workplace and other disputes