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Give Your Business the Edge and Increase ? Profitability ? Sales and Marketing ? Staff Performance ? Business Focus and Direction Do you need a business coach or business consultant? Actually you need both. Profit Edge is different, we blend the strengths of both a business coach and a business consultant together to deliver the most powerful service to your business. Most business coaches only focus on mindset and process while most business consultants specialize in only one discipline. We work directly with business owners and key staff members to develop a whole of business strategy called the Business Edge Growth Plan. To do this we focus on understanding business profit and cost drivers to develop a Profitable Edge Cash flow Plan. Then we identify the business blockages constraining your business in the areas of sales and marketing, staff performance and business focus and direction. We link all these attributes to a Critical Key Performance Measures reporting process to ensure we can monitor business performance. Lastly we work with you to develop a twelve Month Marketing Plan The Business Edge Growth Plan is completely unique to your business and with such powerful tools giving your business the Profit Edge is guaranteed. The elements included in the growth plan are developed in conjunction with your input to ensure the best outcome is achieved for your business If you want more profit and a smoothly running business then our business coaching services are for you.