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Dearly Plaques & Memorials

361 Mt Doran Rd, Mt Doran,
Victoria, 3334, Australia


Dearly Plaques & memorials provides aluminium interim memorials, cemetery row markers and other customised products to the Funeral Services Industry within Australia and New Zealand.

Dearly interim memorials were developed for the period of time between a person’s burial and the placement of the permanent memorial in a cemetery.

Currently all new graves have a stake, plastic or wooden, a site number or nothing at all as an interim marker. The time for grieving is just after the funeral, where family will visit and place flowers whilst waiting for the permanent memorial which in some cases takes over 12 months.

The Dearly interim memorials can be taken home once the permanent memorial is in place.

The interim memorial has been designed for family and friends at the graveside and is delivered for the funeral service.

Dearly interim memorials are the first of their kind, price point and design, they are new to the Funeral Services market, here and globally.

Aluminium is a metal not used in traditional memorialisation, but it suits perfectly as it is lightweight and will last a lifetime.

Dearly Departed Enterprises has a wholesale relationship with cemeteries, who order each plaque online for delivery within 5 days.

Cemeteries also utilise Dearly Enterprises products as Cemetery Row Markers, plot markers and other customised services.