28 Gittings Lane, Buninyong,
Victoria, 3357, Australia


Banjar Group is a boutique sales consulting company that has evolved from a small sales training business into a sales consulting firm that now works with sales professionals, predominantly in Australia and Asia but also across the globe. The common thread through all their staff is the belief in the art, science, and profession of sales. They can help unleash sales potential and shift the sales results for all that share their passion for selling.


Based in Melbourne, Australia and working with both companies and individuals, their clients cover a diversity of industries from accounting to energy, from manufacturing to insurance, and even a call centre in the Philippines.


Known to many as The Banjar Group, the company was named after the Balinese banjar—a cooperative society that determines almost every aspect of Balinese life. Daily life in a village is dependent on the direction of the banjar, as is every individual within the village. This cooperation is as essential to the effective running of the village as a sales process is to a successful sales team. Hence the reference.


Sales Shift Global is the next evolution of The Banjar Group. With a focus on building sales growth, they work with companies and individuals to develop and grow sales effectiveness. Shifting sales in a positive direction through the development and implementation of sales activities, they have become a globally respected sales science and advisory business.