Ballarat Resource Connect - the Business, Resource and Sharing Initiative....


This is a support group for businesses and people during the Coronavirus crisis. Industries are already being impacted by the state emergency with some having to make cuts to staff and resources, while other industries are needing additional staff and resources. The idea of this group is to provide a platform for business to connect resources that are in demand with resources that are available.

For example, if your business has staff or resources (i.e. trucks, product, equipment) that are no longer being used, this group provides a place to advertise them to businesses who may be scaling up during the crisis. If your business is looking for the above commodities, please post in this group to connect to a business that may be able to offer their services during this time.

Examples: Demand - Aged care facility require certificate 3 cookery skills for night shifts.
Supply – Accommodation 4 star property breakfast chefs available
Resource Connect – online job matching