As Covid19 spreads across the country a team of local businesses have stepped up to produce a hospital ventilator from scratch in just five days. The brain child of Sandy and Elizabeth Lewis-Gray from Gekko Systems, the ventilator is designed to be easily reproduced using high quality but simple componentry. Runway Ballarat was approached to assist with the 3D printing capability available through its "Certified" Fab Lab. The labs technician, Ian Firns, is no stranger to prototyping and refining ideas given his role in the team behind Eurekative who offer bespoke prototyping services from within the Runway Fablab facility. The team includes a number of leading physicians to ensure the prototypes effectiveness. Funding for the ventilator has been spearheaded by Committee of Ballarat with donations already reaching the $150,000 mark. The project is currently seeking approvals from the State Government in order to progress to the next stages.