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How do we manage tourism in uncertain times? There is widespread evidence that disruption produces creative and innovative solutions and renewal. But what does this look like for tourism and visitor economies? Dianne Dredge, founder of The Tourism CoLab and recent associate at Federation University, argues that we need big ideas in tourism, now more than ever. We also need new creative places and spaces not only to discuss, but to own, those big ideas. 

In this presentation we discuss some the disruptions taking place in tourism and how some destinations, organisations, communities and businesses are navigating these changes, including:

  •        New technologies are driving new ways of doing business.
  •        Consumers are searching for transformative experiences.
  •        Old ways of managing tourism and marketing destinations are being disrupted.
  •        Communities are demanding that tourism deliver better value to local citizens.
  •        Uncertain economic conditions are creating pressure on small business.

Charting a course for tourism over the longer term is now a priority for most destinations. We also need to create a space for creative problem solving and learning, and to consider the future of tourism within its wider context. The aim of this presentation is to inspire and ignite new thinking in how we might approach the future of tourism and the visitor economy by examining how other communities, organisations and businesses have addressed such challenges.

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Dianne Dredge Is founder of The Tourism CoLab, with expertise in urban and environmental planner, tourism policy and community engagement. She employs user-centred design to help build tourism and visitor economies that benefit people, places and the planet. She draws from 25 years’ of consulting practice, including 17 years spent in higher education and has provided policy research and advice to international organisations such as the European Commission and the OECD, as well as to dozens of local governments across Australia.

Date & time Wednesday 19th of February 2020 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Location Ballarat Technology Park Central (Seminar Theatre)
Venue 106110 Lydiard St S

Commerce Ballarat - Member $15.00 (inc. GST)

Ballarat Regional Tourism Member $15.00 (inc. GST)

Non Member $25.00 (inc. GST)

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