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Why Global Politics Matters to Local Business

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The world has never been more connected and interdependent. Victorian businesses have unprecedented access to far away international markets and all of the potential they offer. Today, businesses are operating in an era of increasing international political uncertainty. With rewards come risks. What goes on in these markets can, and does, impact business profits at home. A variety of seemingly different but correlating issues are moving international relations into choppy waters not charted since before WW2. President Trump, nuclear North Korea, Brexit, a fractured Middle East, and the spectre of a US-China trade war all throw dark shadows. Is the world order changing? What does that even mean? Why should businesses, especially those reliant on export revenues, be interested? Daniel explores these issues and joins the dots to show how events in Washington and Beijing can impact businesses in Ballarat.

Presented by Daniel Steedman a management consultant specialising in geopolitics and business. With over two decades of business experience, in addition to ten years working in international relations and foreign policy analysis, he has worked with clients across Australasia, Europe and the Americas. Daniel writes extensively about, and has appeared in the media commenting on, international politics. He is a former director at the Australian Institute of International Affairs and is a member of the Australian Political Studies Association. Daniel is undertaking a PhD in International Relations and American foreign policy at Monash University.

Date & time Wednesday 6th of June 2018 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM
Location Craig's Royal Hotel
Venue 10 Lydiard Street South

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