Strategic Plan 2013 -2016 (Summary)

Our mission

To provide strong, reliable leadership and advocacy on matters relevant to commerce in the greater Ballarat region.

Our vision

To represent the industry sectors within the local Ballarat community by providing:

  • Advocacy and support
  • Networking opportunities
  • The platform for members to build partnerships to enable them to grow their business
  • Addressing relevant local issues at a local level

Strategic objectives


  • Maintain current membership numbers and encourage renewals by existing members
  • Ensure ongoing service offer is relevant to and valued by members
  • Support ongoing business and professional development


  • Improve knowledge sharing within the Board
  • Develop a succession plan process for the Board
  • Ensure strategic directions remain relevant


  • Secure ongoing funding support
  • Maintain and grow revenue base

Communications and brand

  • Communication with members is effective and valued
  • Develop a website that is informative and useful for members and visitors
  • Continue to effectively communicate the role and direction of the organisation to members and  the 
  • wider community

Events and general initiatives

  • The business awards are continually recognised and valued by the business community
  • Commerce Ballarat business events provide a social avenue for making meaningful business connections
  • Ballarat businesses and organisations recognise and buy the local service and product offer
  • Maintain Business Day Out or alternative.