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General information

Ballarat is Victoria’s largest inland centre, located in the Central Highlands region of Victoria, about 110 kilometres west of Melbourne. Ballarat is predominantly a residential area but also has substantial industrial, commercial and rural areas. It contains a number of lakes, reserves and parks. Industrial areas are located mainly in the inner north areas of Alfredton, Delacombe, Mitchell Park and Wendouree. The rural areas are located mainly in the far west and north, although many of these have a large element of rural residential and rural living.


Major features of the City include the University of Ballarat, Ballarat Base Hospital, St John of God Hospital, Sovereign Hill, Eureka Centre, the retail area of Ballarat City Centre, Ballarat Botanical Gardens, Mount Buninyong, Lake Wendouree, Lake Burrumbeet, Lake Learmonth and the Avenue of Honour and Arch of Victory. The City is served by the Western Highway, the Midland Highway, the Glenelg Highway, the Sunraysia Highway and the Ararat-Ballarat-Melbourne railway line.

Population & Demograpics

Ballarat has 94,088 residents (2009 figures).


Analysis of the age structure of City of Ballarat in 2006 compared to Regional Victoria shows that there was a similar proportion of people in the younger age groups (0 to 17) but a smaller proportion of people in the older age groups (60+).


Overall, 24.8% of the population was aged between 0 and 17, and 18.5% were aged 60 years and over, compared with 25.4% and 20.5% respectively for Regional Victoria.


The major differences between the age structure of City of Ballarat and Regional Victoria were:

  • A larger percentage of 18 to 24 year olds (11.3% compared to 8.0%)
  • A larger percentage of 25 to 34 year olds (12.5% compared to 10.9%)
  • A smaller percentage of 60 to 69 year olds (8.0% compared to 9.4%)
  • A smaller percentage of 50 to 59 year olds (12.3% compared to 13.7%).


An analysis of the jobs held by the resident population in City of Ballarat in 2006 shows the three most popular industry sectors were:

  • Health Care and Social Assistance (5,222 persons or 13.9%)
  • Retail Trade (5,096 persons or 13.6%)
  • Manufacturing (4,799 persons or 12.8%)

In combination these three industries employed 15,117 people in total or 40.3% of the employed resident population.


In comparison, Regional Victoria employed 11.4% in Health Care and Social Assistance; 12.2% in Retail Trade; and 11.8% in Manufacturing.


The major differences between the jobs held by the population of City of Ballarat and Regional Victoria were:

  • A larger percentage persons employed in Health Care and Social Assistance (13.9% compared to 11.4%)
  • A larger percentage persons employed in Education and Training (9.8% compared to 7.9%)
  • A smaller percentage persons employed in Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing (1.6% compared to 9.1%)


Ballarat in Business

Ballarat has traditionally been a city that prospered on mineral and agricultural based resources, however this has changed. Manufacturing, tourism, health and community services, education and retailing are now the key industries in the city. These industries, along with the banking and finance sector and government services are strengthening Ballarats role as a regional service provider.

IT & Communication

Victoria is experiencing strong growth in the information and communication technologies industry. While Melbourne is becoming the centre for managerial functions in the industry, data processing services and some research and development are dispersing to regional centres such as Ballarat. The partnerships developed with the Greenhill Enterprise Centre and University of Ballarat are helping Ballarat develop more towards a knowledge-based city. The 'Learning City' program is encouraging continuous lifelong learning for all of Ballarats residents. In being a 'learning city' Ballarat will find and maintain its place in the global economy by challenging what we are doing and how we can do it better.


The information technology sector is emerging to become a significant industry within the region. The municipality hosts a modern communications network that provides easy data exchange worldwide. Strategic partnerships with the locally growing information technology sector and tertiary institutions are adding to Ballarats increasing importance as a knowledge centre within Victoria. Ballarat is also developing as a televillage through which the percentage of Ballarat homes that are online and the number of business transactions undertaken by e-commerce will increase.


The municipality incorporates land which is part of a broader high quality farming area. Agricultural production within the City of Ballarat in 1997 was valued at almost $27.5 million with pigs, potatoes and wool being the highest valued commodities. Ballarat is also home to almost 200 manufacturing business producing a wide range of products for local and international markets.


Ballarat is one of Victorias premier tourist destinations attracting visitors for our gold and architectural heritage, parks and gardens, art and cultural activities and as a gateway to western Victoria. Approximately 1.8 million domestic day trip visitors come to Ballarat each year, contributing $139 million to the local economy. Of the 1.1 million overseas visitors that come to Victoria annually at least 13% visit Ballarat. Overall, 4.8 million day trippers and 2.2 million overnight visitors toured the Goldfields region (of which Ballarat is a part) in 2000. Major events such as the Begonia Festival, the Royal South Street Competition and sporting events involve both local people and participants from a large catchment. 


Ballarat is a major regional retail centre with approximately 186,000m of retail floorspace. This figure is expected to increase to 232,930m by 2021.

Ballarat is well known for its schools and hospitals which service a wide area. Its recreation facilities are also an important community asset. Ballarat businesses offer a broad range of products which includes catering for the rural communitys needs.


Business Services


The City of Ballarat's Economic Development Unit plays an important role in Council as well as in the Ballarat community for maximising economic strengths in the region.


The Economic Development Unit is responsible for:

• providing support and assistance to new and relocating businesses and industry
• attracting new sustainable investment and new industry
• identifying, developing and facilitating business development opportunities
• providing advice, statistics and relevant information for business development

In addition, the Economic Development Unit facilitates a number of projects and initiatives targeted for the small to medium sized business enterprise market, our manufacturing industry, exporters and business owners and operators across all sectors.


The friendly and professional staff at the Economic Development Unit are located in the Ballarat Town Hall, where they are readily available to provide advice and assistance. Contact them on or 5320 5620.

Media & Advertsing


The Courier
The Courier is Ballarat and district's leading provider of news and information. Advertising in The Courier allows you to reach an average of 85,000 readers in the Ballarat region every day. Roy Morgan survey results show 8 out of 10 Ballarat residents read The Courier in a given week - a significantly higher penetration than metropolitan newspapers and any other media. The cost of your advertising in The Courier also includes free design of your advertisements by our award-winning team of graphic artists. The Courier Ballarat has a wide choice of placement for your advertisement depending on your product or service.


Contact details:

110 Creswick Road

PO Box 21

Ballarat Vic 3350


Phone: (03) 5320 1200


The Ballarat News
The Ballarat News is a free newspaper distributed every Wednesday to every home and business in Ballarat and the nearby towns of Buninyong and Creswick.


Contact details:

110 Creswick Road

Ballarat Vic 3350


Phone: (03) 5331 3833



Win TV


Contact details:

Walker Street

Ballarat VIC 3353

PO Box 464

Ballarat VIC 3353


Phone: (03) 5320 1366

Fax: (03) 5333 1598


Prime TV

Prime delivers relevant media targeted at regional audiences with its websites, featuring hyper-local content generated specifically for individual towns and cities in regional Australia. Local video and text news is generated round the clock by PRIME's team of 49 journalists and 31 camera/edit professionals, all regionally-based and focused on the individual towns and cities represented. PRIME produces unique nightly news broadcast bulletins, airing Monday to Friday for the Ballarat region, in addition to providing a localised news update service nine times each day (Monday to Friday).


Contact details:

Sunraysia Hway

Wendouree Vic 3356



Phone: (03) 5337 1777


Power FM/3BA

Power FM is designed to appeal to people just like you. That's a huge market! Power FM share facilities with 3BA so when you advertise with them, you're reaching Ballarat! As a broadcast medium, radio can be accessed anywhere, any time by anybody. It's up to the minute, up to date and up to you. Without research, the industry would have little idea as to the extent of radio consumption. Radio uses research primarily to: provide relevant information to advertisers and their agencies so that they, like all product or service users, are able to ascertain exactly what they get for their money; determine the extent, time and place of radio listening by all target audiences and; assess the patterns of listening so station's can improve the product for their listeners.

Get in touch today to see how radio can build your business.


Contact details:

56 Lydiard Street

Ballarat Vic 3350



Phone: (03) 5331 1333

Fax: (03) 5331 1723



Voice FM

Ballarat’s 3BBB was established in 1982 to cater for the needs of those people who are denied access to, and those who are not adequately served by existing media in Central Victoria.   The station began full-time broadcasting in 1984, received its full license in 1986 and is now known as 99.9 Voice FM.  As a cooperative of interested local residents, Voice FM depends on the sponsorship support of local and regional business. The listening area extends as far as Clunes and Daylesford in the north, Beaufort and Skipton in the west, Meredith in the south and Ballan in the east.


Contact details:

Suite 3 Level 1

15 Dawson Street Sth

Ballarat Vic 3350

PO Box 149 Ballarat 3353


Phone: 03 5333 1201
Fax: 03 5332 9540



107.9 ABC Ballarat is one of ABC Local Radio's newest stations, beginning its on-air existence in 2003. It is the largest ABC regional station in Victoria and is home to a team of broadcasters, journalists, program-makers and online producers, providing news, programs and online content primarily about Ballarat, Ararat, Daylesford and Colac as well as the greater South West Victoria region including Hamilton, Portland, Port Fairy and Warrnambool.


Contact details:

5 Dawson Street St

Ballarat Vic 3350



Phone: 5320 1011